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V.I. Lebedev
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The history of medical psychology


Lebedev A.V. (Moskva, Rossiiskaya Federatsiya), Uryvaev V.A. (Yaroslavl', Rossiiskaya Federatsiya)

Personality in extreme conditions: the life and research of Professor Vladimir Ivanovich Lebedev (1929—2004)


Actual problems of medical psychology


Molchanova E.S.
(Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

Posttraumatic  Stress  Disorder  and  Acute  Stress  Disorder  in DSM-V: changes and challenges


Psychiatry and narcology


Sagalakova O.A., Truevtsev D.V. (Barnaul, Rossiiskaya Federatsiya)

Cognitive and perceptual selectivity and target regulation of mental activity in personal evaluation situations of social anxiety disorder


Bocharov V.V., Shishkova A.M.
(Sankt-Peterburg, Rossiiskaya Federatsiya)

Parents of patients with heroin addiction: personal and family functioning


Medical psychodiagnostics


Vass Zoltan (Budapesht, Vengriya)

Phenotypes of aggressive psychiatric patients' and delinquents' projective drawings


Pato- and neuropsychology


Kokorenko V.L.
(Sankt-Peterburg, Rossiiskaya Federatsiya)

Healing environment factors in educational space for children with mental development disorders


Zvereva N.V., Khromov A.I. (Moskva, Rossiiskaya Federatsiya)

Particularity of Cognitive Deficits in Children and Adolescents with Schizophrenia: Clinical and Age-Related Factors


Psychotherapy and social rehabilitation


Sirota N.A., Yaroslavskaya M.A.
Rossiiskaya Federatsiya)

The research of proactive coping behavior of patients with schizotypal personality disorder


Golovchanova N.,
Rossiiskaya Federatsiya),
Kuin Y.
(Nijmegen, Netherlands)

Depressive feelings as presented in primary care in the Netherlands


Medical psychology in somatic clinic


Sirota N.A., Moskovchenko D.V., Yaltonskaya A.V. (Moskva, Rossiiskaya Federatsiya)

Coping behavior of women suffered from cancer of reproductive system


Social medical psychology


Kuftyak E.V. (Kostroma, Rossiiskaya Federatsiya)

Coping behavior and psychological defense of the spouses during the dynamic crises


Psychology and pedagogics in professional education
of medical personnel


Petrash M.D.
(Sankt-Peterburg, Rossiiskaya Federatsiya)

Psychophysiological potential and resources of professional development of medical personnel




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